Note: Selecting a shipping method affects delivery speed (transit time).
not payment verification and packing (processing time). Orders for
multiple items or multiple copies of a single item may take longer to
assemble before we are able to ship them to you. Payment verification
and packing (processing time) may take up to 3 business days.

Shipping and handling rates
Shipping rates are calculated by the weight of your shipment and the
type of shipping service selected. Higher value orders may have a higher shipping fee compared to a same weight, lower value shipment.
We do not ship to Hawaii, Alaska, Guam or other states that can't take ground shipping.

Shipping Carrier:
Central Computers use UPS as a primary carrier.
We may also deliver your shipment using USPS or FedEx,
depending on your shipping address and other factors.

Total time for delivery
Total time can range from 2 - 8 days,which is based on the total
amount of time to get payment verification, order processing,and the
transit time from the carrier.